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Say goodbye to Bingo Wings

Say goodbye to Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings- A term that refers to the loose skin at the back of your arms (affecting mostly women). For many women as they get older they loose muscle mass and their skin looses its elasticity, for other women Bingo wings are caused due to a lack of muscle mass in the arms or too much fat.

say goodbye to bingo wings

Although bingo wings are an unsightly body part, with the correct exercises you can rid yourself of this problem ( if your bingo wings are caused by dramatic weight loss you may need surgery to remove the excess skin).

By performing exercises to strengthen and build the muscle of the arms, paying particular attention to the triceps you can slowly rid yourself of your bingo wings.

Here are three exercises i would advise you perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions- twice a week.

Say Goodbye to Bingo Wings: Routine

 1) Bicep curls– the Bicep makes up the muscle on the front of your arm. When we contract (shorten) the Bicep we cause flexion at the elbow joint. Strengthening the Bicep will help with overall tone of the arms and although it is widely regarded as not as important as Tricep exercises when it comes to getting rid of Bingo wings it is important to maintain muscle balance so when we train our triceps it is important to train the opposing muscle – the biceps. If you do not train both agonist and antagonist muscles this will lead to muscular imbalances.


2) Shoulder Press- the shoulder press is a great compound movement that works the deltoids (shoulders) and your triceps. These will help shape and tone your shoulders which will help hide the appearance of bingo wings. (they will also help to tone your arms and burn calories)


3) TRICEP KICKBACKS- As the name suggests this exercise targets the tricep muscle. The Triceps make up the muscles on the back of your arm and as I previously stated are the opposing muscles to the biceps. As the Bicep flexes the tricep relaxes and vise versa. Due to the location of the triceps, having strong and well defined triceps will help prevent getting bingo wings. This is therefore regarded as the best exercise for removing your bingo wings. Due to the location when performing this exercise you are directly working the backs of your arms (where the bingo wings are found) if you can build these muscles this will help regain that elasticity in your arms thereby ridding you of those unsightly bingo wings- the below video shows three great variations to hit all three heads of the tricep.

Alright Ladies what are you waiting for

Say Goodbye to Bingo Wings