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That’s how we Role – Foam rolling benefits

That’s how we Role – Foam rolling benefits


Foam rollers- 

You may have seen them in your gym and wondered what they were for. They remind me of those ‘pool noodles’ you used to float around when playing about in the swimming pool. So what are they doing in the gym?

A Foam roller is a cylindrical piece of hard foam-  Essentially a tool for helping stretch the muscle and release any deep tissue pressure. By using your own bodyweight against the foam roller  you can perform what is referred to as Self-myofascial release. Imagine the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the cost

If like me you exercise regularly you will now and again have tight muscles and areas of discomfort. The foam roller is amazing at helping release those tight muscles and help increase your range of movement.

I have always had a slight problem with my lower back but after being introduced to foam rollers I can honestly say that has changed- the strength in my back has increased and the range of movement has increased. I couldn’t imagine not using foam rollers now.

I try to incorporate them into the cool down part of my workout. As a way of helping relieve any stress on the muscles and aid recovery.

There are a few different types of foam rollers out there- essentially they all do the same thing- I would try them all but i personally like the orange one (see picture below)

foam rolling benefits

That's how we Role - Foam rolling benefits

The Rumble Roller - YouTube

Below is a video that  helps demonstrate good technique for foam rolling.


That’s how we Role – Foam rolling benefits