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The Myth Of Cardio Before Breakfast

Cardio Before Breakfast

Have you ever done cardio before breakfast? Or has anyone told you to do cardio before breakfast to loose weight?

If like me you have been told to try it and have then you might want to give this a read..

I have always fully believed that the best way to burn fat and loose weight is morning cardio when your body is in a fasted state. The Cardio Before Breakfastbody has to turn to fat stores as their are no carbohydrates, fats or proteins in your body to fuel your workout…Makes sense..

Whilst I always found it hard work to get up and get straight in the gym or go straight for a run (especially in cold wet  London) I always thought it was the best way to reach my goals.

I did loose fat whilst doing morning cardio but below is part of an article i found that helps shed some light on this topic

This is what the article says :

research does show that fasted cardio can increase fat utilization during exercise compared to performing cardio in the fed state. Except this only occurs at very low levels of training intensity.

During moderate-to-high intensity levels, the body continues to break down significantly more fat when fasted compared to after you’ve eaten.

Unfortunately, the rate of breakdown exceeds your body’s ability to use the extra fatty acids for fuel. In other words, you have a lot of extra fatty acids floating around in the blood that can’t be used by working muscles.

Ultimately, these fatty acids are repackaged post-workout, and then shuttled back into fat cells. So you’ve gone to excessive lengths…only to wind up at the same place.

Okay, so perhaps you’re thinking that you’ll just perform fasted low-intensity cardio to burn those few extra fat calories. Nice try. You see, training status also has an effect on the fasted cardio strategy.

Namely, if you exercise on a regular basis  the benefits of fasted cardio on fat utilization are negligible even at low levels of intensity.

Horowitz and colleagues found that when trained subjects exercised at 50 percent of their max heart rate, an intensity that equates to a slow walk, there was no difference in the amount of fat burned–regardless of whether the subjects had eaten.

These results held true for the first 90 minutes of exercise; only after this period did fasted cardio begin producing a favorable shift in the amount of fat burned.

So unless you’re willing and able to slave away on the treadmill for a couple of hours or more, fasted cardio provides no additional fat-burning benefits, irrespective of training intensity.

Fasted cardio makes even less sense when you take into account the impact of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. EPOC, commonly referred to as the “afterburn,” represents the number of calories expended after training.

Guess what? Eating before exercise promotes substantial increases in EPOC

And guess where the vast majority of calories expended in the post-exercise period come from? You got it, fat!


This article represents the recent trend towards, High Intensity Interval Training as it will burn more fat during exercise and will keep your metabolic rate higher for longer afterwards therefore burning more fat overall.

It is also a lot less boring than doing a couple of hours on the treadmill.

You are also at greater risk during fasted cardio of putting your body into a catabolic state and therefore  loosing muscle mass. 

My suggestion is choose HIIT training as your method of fat loss and avoid the long cardio sessions before breakfast cause no one is winning there..

Cardio Before Breakfast

For the full article go to

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