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Over-Training: Calf exercises

Over-Training: Calf exercises


Training calves– how many of you can honestly say they train their calves. A lot of guys in the gym forget to do legs all together so it is chicken-legs-gym-relatednot surprising that calves are neglected.

If you are in the gym looking to add muscle or loose fat it makes no sense to neglect any areas. If you don’t train legs you are neglecting the biggest muscle group in the body. Therefore you are limiting your overall potential for growth by half.

If you do train legs why are you neglecting calves? Big quads look ridiculous without good calves below them.

The calves are made up of the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus muscles. It is my understanding that the calf muscles due to their constant use 493x335_calf_muscleduring locomotion have adapted to become very durable and therefore over training the calves is a lot harder to do than any other muscle.


My father’s calf muscles demonstrate this principle. He has never once gone to a gym to train calves but he walks so that the majority of his weight is focused on his toes. By walking like this everyday he is essentially performing a shortened version of a calf raise every step he takes. He therefore ends up doing calf raises everyday, and therefore training his calves everyday. The people who believe in over training who therefore believe that he is over training his calves and would therefore be susceptible to injury and have weakened, small calves. This is however the opposite of what has happened, by training calves everyday his body has adapted and his calf muscles have grown in order to withstand the constant weight and tension they are placed under.

This is how I train calves- high reps- low-medium weight- 3 times a week.

Seated calf raises and standing calf raises- 3-4 sets of 30 reps each. By doing high reps you are pumping the muscle full of blood and nutrients whilst stretching the muscle fascia helping increase the potential for growth.

You use you calves everyday and they are a small muscle so try and avoid the mistake that most people make of trying to go too heavy. Focus on range of motion and the squeeze of the muscle.

when doing seated calf raises- sets of 30-  i do 10 reps feet in the neutral position, 10 reps with toes pointed in and 10 reps with toes pointed out, hitting every angle of the calf during one set. (link below video shows the three foot positions)



Over-Training: Calf exercises

Over-Training: Calf exercises