Over-Training Testimonials

Over-Training Testimonials

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Over-Training Testimonials from Current clients : 

Name: John Common

Relation: Client for 9 Months
Over-training testimonials
What makes me a good personal trainer:

Understanding, Caring, Flexible, Personable, Clear Communicator, Lives the job, Friendly, Varied sessions like boxing & circuit training.

What you’ve achieved :
Dropped 18kg.
Better physique.
Considerable Increased strength.
Considerable Increased fitness.
Promoted a return healthier lifestyle and regular fitness regime.
More knowledge on how to maintain a a good diet and use of supplements.

What distinguishes him from other PTs:

Friendly, Very Passionate and lives the job! Specialist knowledge in body building & boxing.


Name: Emma Shilston


Relation: Client for one year
What do you think makes Chris a good PT:
Before I started training with Chris, he sat down with me and spent time getting to know what I wanted to train and what I wanted to improve or change. One year later, I can still tell he’s listened to what I said and keeps this all in mind. Especially telling is how varied our sessions can be – anything from TRX, circuits, boxing or doing an early morning running session with me in the gym. In the past, I’ve got bored easily from exercise, but his varied approach means that now I never am! 
He’s like an encyclopedia! Anything from diet, nutrition, recovery, injuries, muscle type, body type and the list goes on. He knows it. While arguably all PTs should have this level of knowledge, I’m yet to meet one that knows his/her stuff as thoroughly as Chris, and who can make it accessible to the not so fitness pros among us. And last, but by no means least, I get results and see changes in my body. Toning was something I really wanted to improve on and it happened a lot quicker than I thought it would! 
What distinguishes Chris from other PTs:
You don’t feel like you’re one of many and just another client being churned through a machine. The experience is personal and tailored to you specifically, as well as your likes and dislikes. He’s incredibly approachable and welcoming. I think a lot of people are intimidated by the gym and exercise in itself, but he makes this experience feel so much less daunting, and I see that in his approach with many of his clients. He has his own goals and interests and this is really motivational as a client. 
You’re not rushed into anything – he makes sure you get the basics first before progressing you onto more difficult exercises. And as a result, in the year that I’ve trained with Chris, I’ve never got an injury. 


Name: Rosie Guest

Relation: Client  for 1 yearIMG_5297
Chris has been a fantastic personal trainer, the best i’ve had. He is extremely diligent and specific when taking me through every training session. He is always keeping it interesting with boxing, circuits or TRX, making sure we never focus too much on one area of the body. I have noticed huge changes both in my fitness and physique. He really listens to exactly what we are aiming for and tailors specific workouts to work the areas I am focusing on, keeping away from those I don’t want to be worked. I couldn’t recommend him enough!



Over-Training Testimonials continued:

Name: Alessandro Grassini-Grimaldi 


Relation: Client since February 2015


Why did you choose me as a personal trainer: saw Chris training at the gym and thought he could have been my perfect trainer.


How have you found our personal training sessions: amazing! Chris is very good in motivating and challenging. Gave me back my confidence in my body and my potentials.


Would you recommend me to your friends: I’m recommending Chris to all my friends! All my friends saw the incredible changes in my body therefore they ask me my secret…the answer is I’m stubborn, determined and I’ve got the best PT!


Have you achieved or got closer to reaching your goals: I’ve achieved all my goals and even more! I’m really glad I chose Chris as my trainer. Because of my job and my friends I have to opportunity to access to the best gyms and trainers worldwide….I would never change Chris he is simply, in my opinion, the best personal trainer ever!



Name: Harry DaltonIMG_5469

Relationship: client for 1 year
What makes Chris a great Pt:
I’ve really enjoyed working with Chris over the last year. He’s always takes the right attitude with me. He pushes me to do things I don’t think I’ll be able to do without just shouting at me.
He always asks whether I’m carrying any injuries and then tailors the workout around them. I also like that he mixes the work outs up regularly, between body weight exercises, machine work, free weights and boxing. I always feel like the workouts have a purpose and a good structure.
He is also really flexible with timings which I appreciate. I’ve had other PTs who made me feel like I was doing them a favour by turning up. He is really understanding even when he doesn’t need to be.
Have you achieved the results you wanted (if yes what were they):
I’ve really improved my fitness and my body fat has dropped significantly since I’ve started coming to the gym. I’ve also given up smoking which has really helped.
Would you recommend him : I 100% would!
Over-Training Testimonials 
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