Over-Training Diet Plans and Workout Routines

Over-Training Online Diet Plans and Workout Routines

Diet plans and exercise routinesTailored to you

Are you working hard and struggling to get the results you want ? Or are just new to the gym or want to start a new diet/routine

Then Over-Training can help Diet plans and Workout routines

All Diet plans and workout Routines are goal orientatedeasy to follow and (hopefully) fun – Choose which one best suits your goals



  • ShredTed –Cut– designed for those who are trying to lean up whilst holding onto muscle mass- requires 4-5 day commitment with a mixture of HIIT cardio and weight sessions- basic athletic foundation needed when undertaking this routine



  • Lean Gainz  12 Week Plan cycling Strength and Hypertrophy routines for maximum effectiveness.  5 day split for those serious about putting on some clean size – prior gym training is a must


  • Home Gym/ No weight workout-beginner- provides 7 different home workouts that you can do to help improve fitness and overall conditioning1004-superior-stretch-cross-jumping-jacks


  • Home Gym/ No weight workout- advanced – provides 7 workouts- a more physically demanding routine for those looking to improve fitness and conditioning

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  • Newbie Training -designed for people new to the gym who are looking to get into shape and start living a healthier life – 3-4 day split – all fitness levels



All training plans come with

  • Diet and Meal plan (except for the Home gym workouts)
  • Nutritional and Supplementation advice
  • Email support

After you have decided and chosen -you will be emailed the diet plans and exercise routines and will be free to ask any questions regarding the plan

If you have any questions please contact us at


If you already have your training routine sorted and are just looking for a diet plan to follow we also provide these

  1. Cutting Phase
  2. Lean Bulk Diet

Over-Training Diet and Workout Routines: 

  • Each program should be followed for a minimum of 8-10 weeks in order to see the best results
  • There are no refundsOverTraini2ND
  • Diet and exercise plans are property of Over-Training and should not be passed on
  • Over-Training is not responsible for any injuries sustained whilst following the routines
  • The diet advice and training routine contained in each program is designed for a healthy -injury free person- should you have any prior injuries or dietary/health conditions please email us before purchasing the program
  • Please consult a physician/ Doctor before undertaking any of our programs (especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions)











Over-Training Diet Plans and workout routines

Over-Training Nutritional plans and Exercise Routines 

Over-Training Diet plans And Workout routines

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