Go Green- Healthy eating

Go Green- Healthy Eating


Go Green-Healthy Eating

Broccoli- Health Benefits

When I was a kid my mum always made me eat my broccoli telling me it was good for me- but then again she also told me Santa was real so I must say I didn’t always believe everything she told me. 

go green healthy eating

However have you ever seen how physique competitors/ body builders eat when they are trying to get lean- The answer is they go green. So there must be some method to their madness.

So why broccoli?? 

Broccoli (depending on how its cooked and the quality of the Broccoli itself) provides per 100grams – just 34kcal. It is therefore a very low calorie vegetable, however just cause it is low calorie doesn’t take away from the amazing nutritional profile. From that 100grams It provides:

  • 89.2mg (150% recommended daily allowance or RDA ) of Vitamin C – which helps boost the immune system
  • 21% RDA  of Vitamin A – helps maintain skin and eye health
  • 47mg Calcium and 85% RDA of vitamin K – both of which are important for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis
  • 21mg magnesium 316mg potassium that help regulate blood pressure
  • Phyto-nutrients such as Carotene B, Crypto-Xanthin B, Lutein- Zeaxanthin- all of which are shown to help protect the body from many different forms of cancer
  • Broccoli also is high in dietary fibre (2.6 grams- 7%RDA ) – which aids in digestion and helps maintain blood sugar levels helping prevent food cravings. Fiber also helps make you feel fuller for longer.

So broccoli is a rich source of vitamins and minerals- it also contains more protein than a cup or rice whilst providing a lot less calories. It is therefore very useful for those looking to loose weight.

One of the most Important properties of broccoli is its ability to help metabolise Estrogen. The Indoles (phyto-chemicals)  contained in broccoli help convert excess estrogen in the body into a safer form- reducing the risk of cancer related problems associated with excess estrogen as well as osteoporosis. For men the benefits of removing excess estrogen within the body are well.. obvious. .

So for once listen to what your mother told you and eat your greens

Avoid Overcooking/ Microwaving as this will decrease the amount of nutrients available



Go Green- Healthy Eating